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I absolutely love receiving copies of my foreign translations. They arrive in batches every so often, and I fawn over them and pet them, and inevitably hold them at arm’s length, squint, and say to myself, “Okay now, which book is this? In what language?”

Some are in languages I can read a little (Thanks, high school French class!), and others I can guess easily enough by flipping through the pages for characters’ names or checking the copyright info for a place of publication. Sometimes it’s a challenge!

I thought it would be fun to show off a few of my more recent arrivals and let you guess. Answers are at the bottom of the post.

Six paperback books nicely arranged on a pale blue desk, numbered one to six. Number one features an old-school clinch in which a man with a dark mullet holds a young woman in lavender, on a portico with a vista of open countryside in the distance. The title is: Innamorarsi di un duca. Number two: a dark-haired woman in dark blue satin is facing the reader with a breathless expression, and a man behind her is nuzzling her ear. The title is Syv Syndige Naetter. Number three: The cover features an auburn-haired lady in a poufy light-orange gown, facing away from the camera. She’s surrounded by gardens and pretty trees. The title is in a different alphabet, and I don’t know how to place it in alt text! The publisher is Elexis, if that helps. Number four: A dark-haired Regency lady with bright blue eyes peers coyly from behind a half-closed door. The title text is “A Hercegne Alkuja”. Number five: A Regency lady dressed in a deep purple gown with white gloves, laying one hand gently on a gentleman’s arm. The title text is “Kvinnorna pa Bloom Square Alexandras Utmaning”. Number six: A very windswept old-school barechested clinch featuring a dark-haired, musclebound man and a brunette young lady with a lavender dress falling off. The title text reads: “I de beste hender”


Ready for the answers?



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Dear Readers,

Over the past few years, there have been confusing placeholder publication dates for The Bride Bet at various online retailers. I have recently learned that due to an internal error, one of those placeholder dates shows a paperback release date of January 15, 2024.

The Bride Bet is not releasing on January 15, 2024 in any format.

The publisher has promised me that they will resolve this issue immediately so that nobody is charged for a book that will not be shipped.

Please don’t believe any release dates unless you see them on my website. Unless it comes from me, it’s incorrect.

Many people have been anticipating this book. I’m so grateful that you’re excited. I wish that I was able to get this book in your hand. I don’t feel comfortable talking in detail about the reasons for this delay, other than to say that I have been trying my heart out, but health issues have gotten in the way. Your kindness has meant a lot to me.

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As I write this, I’m in Kansas City for GenreCon—and last weekend, I had the great pleasure of meeting hundreds of readers at Apollycon in Washington, D.C.  After 2-1/2 years of no book events, I’m loving seeing readers again in person (masked, of course)!

However, something that always gives me joy is seeing photos and notes from readers who’ve taken me—or rather, my books—on their own vacations, trips, and holidays. It’s a chance for my characters to vicariously travel around the world.

If you happen to take one of my books on your own vacation or staycation, I’d love for you to snap a photo and tag me on social media! IG: @tessa_dare, Twitter: @tessadare

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Image: The Eiffel tower, set against a blue sky. Text reads April 2, 2022. Save the Date. Rare 22 Paris.For the obvious reasons, most in-person reader events in 2021 have been canceled or postponed, but as we look ahead to 2022, it feels relatively safe to make plans!  I can’t wait to get out and see readers in person again. Virtual events have helped fill the gap, but they’re just not quite the same.

Various events and signings are in the early planning stages, but I can announce my first solid commitment—and it’s an exciting one! I’ll be at RARE (Romance Author and Reader Events) Paris 2020! If you’ve never been to a RARE event before, they are centered around huge author signings and other mingling events. The main signing will be on April 2, 2022.  Registration opens on May 1st 2021, and I’d advise anyone interested to register early! RARE tends to sell out fast. There’s no registration link yet, but there’s a Facebook group for the event if you’d like to learn more, find a list of all the authors attending, and keep up to date with announcements.

Whether in Paris, the USA, or somewhere else, I hope I’ll have the opportunity to see lots of readers next year. I miss you! Until then, we always have the Internet. ❤️… Read More »

Dear Readers,

There’s no other way to say it. 2020 has been a rough one for everybody. Even though our holidays might look different this year, I’m finding it makes me reflect on what’s truly important. And you, readers, are so important to me.

“When She Was Naughty,” an all-new Christmas short story, is now available for free download on BookFunnel. (The giveaway has now expired, but the story is available as an ebook.)

I hope it makes you smile, laugh, and feel warm inside. Please have safe and healthy holidays. Let’s look forward to 2021!


img: the cover of “When She Was Naughty”, a Christmas short story. A young lady with blond hair and a mischievous smile is wearing a red ballgown with.a gold sash.

“When She Was Naughty”

A Christmas Eve ball.

A light-hearted beauty.

An earl who needs to come in from the cold.

All year long, Chloe Garland’s been trading witty remarks and heated glances with her nemesis, the arrogant Lord Cheverell. But when Chloe tricks him into wearing a hideous waistcoat—complete with sequins, pompoms, and jingle bells—to her family’s Christmas Eve party, she may have gone too far. Her penalty? A single, scorching kiss—and a Christmas gift she never expected.

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So about that email….
If you had preordered The Bride Bet from Amazon, you may have received an email today saying the release date has been changed to-gulp-JANUARY 2024?! 😱
Nobody panic! (I’m saying that mostly to myself.)
The decision to reschedule the book was made several months ago (sorry if you missed that announcement) but a new date hasn’t been finalized. The 2024 date is just there as a placeholder until a new date is confirmed.
Thank you for your patience and understanding! I promise, I want to get The Bride Bet in your hands just as soon as possible. When the new date is firmed up, I will be sure to let everyone know.
Announcement over. Please resume your Happy Holidaying!
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New in Audiobook!

If you’re an audio listener, I’m excited to announce that two of my novellas are available in audiobook format for the first time!

Beauty and the Blacksmith audio cover artBeauty and the Blacksmith

Audible * Apple Books * Kobo *

Cover The Scandalous Dissolute No-Good Mr. WrightThe Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright

Audible * Apple Books * Kobo *


Order autographed copies of Tessa’s books!

Starting this December, I’ll be visiting The Ripped Bodice bookstore quarterly to autograph books. Click here to order. Books ordered by December 6th will ship on December 11th. Signed books make a great holiday gift for any historical romance fan in your life!… Read More »

Dear Readers,

Last week, my publisher and I made the decision to postpone my two upcoming books: The Bride Bet (Girl Meets Duke, book 4) and Love Letters from a Lord (a Spindle Cove novella).

I’m sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment. I’ve been putting off dealing with some health issues—nothing too serious or life-threatening, no worries!—and this year, my body and brain sat down like cranky toddlers and refused to cooperate until I pay them some attention. So I’m taking a little time off to do that, and then I’ll get back to making these stories as funny, sexy, and romantic as I possibly can.

As of today, I am not sure what the new release dates will be, but I will announce them when I do. If you’ve preordered one or both of these books, you may need place another preorder after the date has been changed.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience. I’m so grateful for my wonderful readers.

Tessa… Read More »

Isn’t it beautiful?

The Bride Bet, coming your way late August 2020, is the fourth book in the Girl Meets Duke series.

Here’s the newly revealed description!

How to lose a duke in ten years…without losing your heart.

Once upon a time, two sworn enemies—the bookish daughter of a scholar and the devilish heir to a duke—made a pact: If they were both still single in ten years, they would marry each other.

It was a joke, Nicola thought. A duchess? Her?

But when the Duke of Westleigh returns a decade later, he’s serious. He needs an heir, so he’s holding her to their marriage bargain—diamond ring, lavish gown, engagement ball, and more. Nothing Nicola says can dissuade him. When she calls him arrogant, he praises her honesty. When she makes social stumbles, he catches her fall. And when she gets exasperated, the duke can’t seem to get enough. For reasons she can’t fathom, he claims that no other woman will do.

He’s betting he can change her mind, with logic and passion.

She’s betting she can change his mind, just by being herself.

And as the clock ticks down to a wedding day, neither is counting on losing their heart.


You can pre-order it today!
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How the Dukes Stole Christmas book coverJust in time for the holiday season, How the Dukes Stole Christmas is now available as a mass-market paperback!

Christmas magic is in the air… From the ballrooms of London, to abandoned Scottish castles, to the snowy streets of Gilded Age New York, four bestselling authors whip up some unforgettable romance…with a little help from some enchanted shortbread.

This is a re-release of a collection published in digital format last year, so before purchasing as an ebook, you might check your e-reader to make sure you don’t already have it. Sarah, Sophie, Joanna and I are thrilled that our holiday romance collection is now available for readers to find in their local stores. If you missed it, now’s your chance to catch up! And might I suggest that the paperback would make an excellent stocking stuffer or hostess gift for the holidays?

Cover of His Bride for the Taking

His Bride for the Taking, a Regency romcom novella, is now available on its own!

It’s the first rule of friendship among gentlemen: Don’t even think about touching your best friend’s sister.

This novella was originally published in my 2018 duet with Christi Caldwell, Rogues Rush In. So again, check your e-reader first – but if you missed it last year, here’s your chance. This little historical romp isn’t linked to a series, so if you’re introducing a friend to my books, it makes an excellent entry point. His Bride for the Taking is now available widely as an ebook, and a print edition will soon be … Read More »