Content Advisories

These content advisories are offered for readers who want or need to avoid distressing content. Examples include (but aren’t limited to) physical or sexual assault, domestic violence, pregnancy loss, character death, PTSD, child abuse, and other kinds of trauma.

Content advisories may be spoilers. 

General notes: To varying degrees, all of my books include descriptive sexual content, drinking, and profanity. The occasional punch is thrown. Weapons are brandished. Attempted robberies and minor carriage accidents are not uncommon.

(This is a new feature to the site as of August 2019. I intend to update it with new books going forward, and plan to eventually add older books. The lack of a content advisory for any given title does not mean it has no difficult content—it means I haven’t gotten to it yet. I can’t promise that I’ve listed every possible trigger, but I’m making my best effort. If I’ve missed something, please let me know via my contact form.)

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