Dear Readers,

Over the past few years, there have been confusing placeholder publication dates for The Bride Bet at various online retailers. I have recently learned that due to an internal error, one of those placeholder dates shows a paperback release date of January 15, 2024.

The Bride Bet is not releasing on January 15, 2024 in any format.

The publisher has promised me that they will resolve this issue immediately so that nobody is charged for a book that will not be shipped.

Please don’t believe any release dates unless you see them on my website. Unless it comes from me, it’s incorrect.

Many people have been anticipating this book. I’m so grateful that you’re excited. I wish that I was able to get this book in your hand. I don’t feel comfortable talking in detail about the reasons for this delay, other than to say that I have been trying my heart out, but health issues have gotten in the way. Your kindness has meant a lot to me.


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