Tessa’s Dareling Room Videos

These are some book videos I made featuring toys I gathered in my children’s (I call them “the darelings”) bedroom. In the years since I made these, we’ve moved to a different house and the darelings have grown out of many of these toys. However, I’m keeping the videos here on the website because I am still hearing from readers who enjoyed them. And I had a blast making them, too!


The Stud Club Trilogy by Tessa Dare

A video I made to celebrate my new trio of historical romances, releasing Summer 2010.


The Highlander Trilogy by Maya Banks

Kens in Kilts!

Several months ago, the very generous Maya Banks bid an outlandish sum in a charity auction to win this homemade video, shot entirely in my kids’ room and made with my iPhone and MacBook. Maya’s not just a bestselling author, she’s good people. The first in the trilogy, In Bed with a Highlander, comes to a store (or etailer) near you on August 30, 2011. Please visit for more info and order links.

This video was part of Operation Auction, a romance community effort to aid a family hit by tragedy.

Thanks for watching!


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