Dear Readers,

There’s no other way to say it. 2020 has been a rough one for everybody. Even though our holidays might look different this year, I’m finding it makes me reflect on what’s truly important. And you, readers, are so important to me.

“When She Was Naughty,” an all-new Christmas short story, is now available for free download on BookFunnel. (The giveaway has now expired, but the story is available as an ebook.)

I hope it makes you smile, laugh, and feel warm inside. Please have safe and healthy holidays. Let’s look forward to 2021!


img: the cover of “When She Was Naughty”, a Christmas short story. A young lady with blond hair and a mischievous smile is wearing a red ballgown with.a gold sash.

“When She Was Naughty”

A Christmas Eve ball.

A light-hearted beauty.

An earl who needs to come in from the cold.

All year long, Chloe Garland’s been trading witty remarks and heated glances with her nemesis, the arrogant Lord Cheverell. But when Chloe tricks him into wearing a hideous waistcoat—complete with sequins, pompoms, and jingle bells—to her family’s Christmas Eve party, she may have gone too far. Her penalty? A single, scorching kiss—and a Christmas gift she never expected.


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