I’ve had so many compliments on the lovely cover art for this trilogy, and it’s not hard to see why. They are gorgeous–bright colors, beautiful models, full of rich (and accurate!) detail. I knew just from looking at them that a great deal of time and attention went into them, but the process behind cover art is often a mystery to the authors and readers.
About a month or so ago, I had the delight of hearing from the cover artist who painted the cover images. Her name is Doreen Minuto, and she was kind enough to take time to explain the process to me, step-by-step. Combined with what I already knew from my editor, here’s the story behind these lovely covers.

It all starts with what’s called a cover conference. The editor, art director, and sales department all sit down together and talk about what look and feel the covers should have. Before the conference happened, my editor asked if there was anything I had in mind or especially did or didn’t want on the covers. I don’t have cover approval in my contract (very few authors do), so I knew this was mostly a courtesy, but it was nice that she asked! My only request was that, since the titles of the books all referred to the heroines, they use a woman somewhere in the cover. Whether by herself or with a man, I didn’t care. I just hoped they didn’t slap the title “GODDESS OF THE … Read More »

If you’ve read Goddess of the Hunt and would like to chat about the book with me and other readers, I invite you to come on over to the Eloisa James/Julia Quinn Bulletin Board. For the entire month of August, I’ll be the book club guest. We’re talking about GotH and the other two books in the trilogy. All opinions and questions welcome! You have to register for the board to participate, but it’s easy. The EJ/JQ bb members have to be one of the most diverse, welcoming, hilarious, friendly groups on the Internet, led by their ever-gracious esteemed patronesses, Eloisa and Julia themselves.

Speaking of the amazing Ms. Eloisa, she has been kind enough to mention Jeremy, the hero of GotH, in a fabulous column on the alpha hero, posted on the Barnes and Noble website here. (Have you read A DUKE OF HER OWN yet? I’m in the middle and adoring it, of course. The Duke of Villiers is the most complex, delicious hero who completely defies labels.)

Also today, I’ve been interviewed at Number One Novels, a great blog showcasing debut authors. If you’re curious about why I picked the names Jeremy and Lucy, or to hear my “call story”, check it out! As always, a signed book is up for grabs.… Read More »

Goddess of the Hunt is available in stores now! For the entire month, I’m the book club guest at the Eloisa James/Julia Quinn bulletin board. If you want to chat about Goddess or ask questions about the trilogy, please do stop by! Book Two in the trilogy, Surrender of a Siren, releases on August 25th. You can read an excerpt and find pre-order links here.… Read More »

Sorry…tried to post this this morning, and just now realized it didn’t go through! Better late than never, right?

It’s been a fun and fabulous release week – thank you all SO much. Today, I’m wrapping up a week of blogs and interviews over at Romance B(u)y The Book, where I’m blogging about Jeremy Trescott, the hero of Goddess of the Hunt, and posting an exclusive excerpt! And as always, there’s a signed copy up for grabs… 🙂… Read More »

Today’s stops on the Tessa Dare magical whirlwind online tour:

Goddess of the Hunt is today’s “Fresh Pick” at Fresh Fiction!

Among other very nice things, their review says:

Debut author Tessa Dare bursts upon the scene with a high-energy and high-drama romance. She tells the story with provocative words and feverish action. Her cast of secondary characters is unforgettable and set the stage for the next book in this back-to-back series.

Thank you so much, Fresh Fiction!

And I’ve been interviewed at The Good, The Bad, and The Unread, where…you guessed it…another signed copy is up for grabs. Hie thee over and comment! The TGTBTU ladies asked me all sorts of questions, but I’m also on hand to answer any new ones! Come on, I know you’re dying to know whether I prefer smooth or chunky peanut butter, or what my least-favorite word is, in love scenes. 🙂… Read More »

Oh, man. Today I woke up with a post-release-day hangover! Yesterday was a blur. I did manage to drag the darelings to a few local stores to sign stock. The wonderful Mr. Dare brought me roses and champagne to celebrate, and we took the family out for enchiladas. All in all, it was terrific! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make it such a fun and exciting release day, on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

Today I’m guestblogging at Yankee Romance Reviewers about the heroine of GODDESS OF THE HUNT, Lucy Waltham. She’s a fierce, flawed, and hopefully funny heroine — drop by to find out a bit more about her and chat. And of course, there’s a signed copy up for grabs!… Read More »

Woohooo!! At long, LONG last, it is the official release day of Goddess of the Hunt. I am tempted to go into a long, sappy speech thanking everyone I’ve ever met – but truthfully, it’s 1 AM over here and I’m dead tired! That speech will have to wait. (Plus, it’s in the Acknowledgments. See page 361.)

I do want to tell you about some fun stuff I’m doing today to celebrate. And as with any good party, there are prizes involved!

I’ll be guest-blogging today at Romance Vagabonds about the timely topic of friendship–both in romance novels and behind-the-scenes of their creation. The post isn’t live yet as I write this, but I understand there will be prizes up for grabs!

The lovely Vauxhall Vixens also threw me a virtual surprise party to celebrate the release. If you want to read the words of overly generous friends saying completely gushy things about me, by all means, click over.

And last but not least, over at Courtney Milan‘s blog, she explains the day-long Goddess of the Hunt Twitter Talk contest. She’s giving away copies of my book, as well as some of the other fabulous historicals releasing today. All you have to do is get on twitter, use the hashtag #tessadare, and make patently outrageous assertions about GOTH and/or its characters. Elyssa Papa takes an early lead with this hilarious pic of President Obama holding “GotH”. See Courtney’s blog for specifics.

And somewhere in there, if you … Read More »

Hooray! Goddess of the Hunt is in stores NOW! You can find an excerpt, reviews, and purchase links here. I’ve also added a longer excerpt of the second book in this back-to-back trilogy, Surrender of a Siren. Be sure to check my Diary for the latest guest blog and interview links..… Read More »

Tomorrow is the official release date of Goddess of the Hunt, but the troops on the ground tell me it’s already showing up on bookstore shelves. We had a WalMart sighting yesterday, and I think a Books-A-Million one. So exciting!

A number of lovely people have interviewed me or asked me to blog with them in the coming weeks, and I’ll link to those appearances as they come up. In most cases, there is some sort of giveaway involved.

Today, I’ve been interviewed by Keli Gwyn at Romance Writers on the Journey. As the title of her blog suggests, Keli asked me all sorts of thoughtful questions about the highs and lows on my journey to publication. Check it out! And tell me about your own personal tolerance of highs and lows, with regards to amusement park rides. You could win an autographed copy of Goddess of the Hunt!

And if you’d like to be guaranteed to receive something, come fill out my new Freebies form and I’ll send you some exclusive Tessa Dare swag! … Read More »

“Well, is it working?”

Since I first launched my TessaDare.com website, I’ve had pretty much the same excerpt of Goddess of the Hunt available. It ends with this line from Lucy to Jeremy, where she’s asking him if her seduction efforts are having any, erm, measurable effect. That question has hung unanswered in cyberspace for almost two and a half years.

Until now.

Of course, starting Tuesday anyone might buy Goddess of the Hunt at her nearest bookstore and read the entire thing from cover to cover in one sitting (recommended). 🙂 But if you can’t wait that long to read Jeremy’s answer to Lucy’s question, you can download The Dangerous Book of Excerpts today! This is an excerpt booklet the brilliant Courtney Milan designed, and it features lengthy excerpts of GOTH, Surrender of a Siren, and Courtney’s two upcoming releases, This Wicked Gift (in the anthology The Heart of Christmas) and Proof by Seduction. We printed 400 of these booklets to take to RWA National Conference and came home with 30. They were a hot, hot item. The tagline? “Read with caution! You might get sucked in…”

So download if you dare. It’s yours free at this link.… Read More »