I am back from a fantastic October full of traveling to meet readers in Dallas, Portland, and in-between! And one question I heard several times was…

Tessa, what’s coming out next?

Two things! And both of them are related to Spindle Cove. As astute readers have reminded me lately, we have a few loose ends to tie up in that world! I am delighted to be back in that charmingly subversive village, sipping doctored tea at the Bull and Blossom and scribbling away.

December 8, 2015: Lord Dashwood Missed Out, a novella

This fun little story came from a plot bunny that had been hopping around my head for a few years. It features an outraged lord, a scorned spinster, and an inconvenient snowstorm. I love a good snowed-in story for the holidays, don’t you? Dash and Nora are an entirely new couple, but the novella features quite a bit of action in Spindle Cove and you’ll see appearances from many of the previous characters.

Coming mid-2016: Do You Want to Start a Scandal?

This will be the oft-asked-for Charlotte Highwood book. I’m working on it right now. As you may recall, in Charlotte’s own words, if Diana is the beauty of the Highwood family and Minerva is the brains, Charlotte is the spirit. She needs a strong, confident hero to balance her, and I think I’ve found just the man who needs her desperately in return–but you’ll have to wait a a bit longer to find out more about him. 😉

More info and excerpts will be coming soon. Until then, happy autumn!




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