First, announcements! I’m a guest today at The Romance Dish, where I’m blogging about the importance of books and reading, in life and romance. Please come share your thoughts. My post includes an exclusive excerpt from One Dance with a Duke!

Also, tomorrow I’ll be attending my local RWA chapter meeting, and if you’re anywhere in the area, I’d invite you to come too! Our all-day guest will be Sue Grimshaw of Borders Group, Inc., who buys all the Romance books for Borders stores. And I will be one of the Ask-an-Author participants and signing books over the lunch break. More information here.

Moving right along…
The title of my post refers to my new favorite TV show, as of last night. If you follow this blog, or my Facebook or Twitter feeds, you’ve probably gathered that I’m a fan of reality competition shows like Top Chef and Project Runway. Sure, I love them for all the typical reality TV reasons: big personalities, big drama, only one can win, etc. But I love these particular shows because I’m fascinated by the creative process. Whether they’re designing a dress or creating an entree, the participants are artists in their chosen media (fabric, food).

So imagine my delight that Bravo has a new show featuring…artists! It’s called Work of Art, and it’s a PR/TC-style show for visual artists. Here’s the promo (embedded from Bravo’s site, so apologies if there’s a commercial on the reel).

Artists just fascinate me. Sophia, the heroine of Surrender of a Siren, was an artist, and I loved getting into her head and thinking of all the different ways her artistic bent would affect her goals, her dreams, her daily activities, and her observations of the world around her. I know I’m going to enjoy every episode of this show — for the over-the-top personalities and drama, yes. But also for the sheer weekly delight of watching creators create.

Are there any jobs or vocations you find particularly fascinating, to the point where you’ll watch them endlessly on reality TV? Got a thing for those real-life medical dramas? Cold case files? Bounty hunter shows? 😉

One comment to “Work of Art”

  1. cories
    · June 12th, 2010 at 12:52 pm · Link

    I watch Food Network a lot although I don’t really cook. I also watch a lot Animal Planet; I wanted to become a marine biologist once upon a time but I couldn’t swim. Maybe that’s why I just watch those shows on TV. 😀