Tomorrow is the official release date of Goddess of the Hunt, but the troops on the ground tell me it’s already showing up on bookstore shelves. We had a WalMart sighting yesterday, and I think a Books-A-Million one. So exciting!

A number of lovely people have interviewed me or asked me to blog with them in the coming weeks, and I’ll link to those appearances as they come up. In most cases, there is some sort of giveaway involved.

Today, I’ve been interviewed by Keli Gwyn at Romance Writers on the Journey. As the title of her blog suggests, Keli asked me all sorts of thoughtful questions about the highs and lows on my journey to publication. Check it out! And tell me about your own personal tolerance of highs and lows, with regards to amusement park rides. You could win an autographed copy of Goddess of the Hunt!

And if you’d like to be guaranteed to receive something, come fill out my new Freebies form and I’ll send you some exclusive Tessa Dare swag!

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