“Well, is it working?”

Since I first launched my TessaDare.com website, I’ve had pretty much the same excerpt of Goddess of the Hunt available. It ends with this line from Lucy to Jeremy, where she’s asking him if her seduction efforts are having any, erm, measurable effect. That question has hung unanswered in cyberspace for almost two and a half years.

Until now.

Of course, starting Tuesday anyone might buy Goddess of the Hunt at her nearest bookstore and read the entire thing from cover to cover in one sitting (recommended). 🙂 But if you can’t wait that long to read Jeremy’s answer to Lucy’s question, you can download The Dangerous Book of Excerpts today! This is an excerpt booklet the brilliant Courtney Milan designed, and it features lengthy excerpts of GOTH, Surrender of a Siren, and Courtney’s two upcoming releases, This Wicked Gift (in the anthology The Heart of Christmas) and Proof by Seduction. We printed 400 of these booklets to take to RWA National Conference and came home with 30. They were a hot, hot item. The tagline? “Read with caution! You might get sucked in…”

So download if you dare. It’s yours free at this link.

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