It’s here! Release day for Romancing the Duke!

I'm ready for my castle

I’m so excited for Izzy and Ransom’s story to make its way into the world. Izzy is a heroine after my own heart, for so many reasons. As for wounded hero Ransom…well, he proved challenge enough for us both!

These two needed each other desperately, and I hope you’ll fall in love with them and their romance. Thanks for reading!… Read More »

Romancing the Duke, available January 28

Less than a month now until the release of Romancing the Duke, first in my all-new Castles Ever After series! If you like:

  • Intrepid, book-loving heroines
  • Wounded, reclusive heroes in desperate need of love
  • Mysterious, romantic castles
  • Weasels (okay, just trust me on this one)

pre-order today!  You can read the full first chapter here.

And for those of you who’ve enjoyed my dareling room videos, here’s a new one. (You may have to click the “Read More” link to see it.) I finally made good on my DABWAHA promise 🙂

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

As I update the site toward the end of 2013, there is much to celebrate. I am so honored that Any Duchess Will Do has been named on several year-end “best of” lists, including:

And now I’m looking forward to 2014, and the late-January release of Romancing the Duke! This is the first in my all-new Castles Ever After series.  Each heroine in the series has inherited her very own castle–and trouble along with it. Miss Izzy Goodnight’s trouble comes in the form of a reclusive, wounded duke.  Izzy and Ransom’s story has already received starred reviews from both Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist.  You can read an excerpt and find pre-order links here on the site.

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I was so honored recently to learn that Any Duchess Will Do was chosen by Booklist magazine as one of their “Top 10 Romances of 2013”!

Meanwhile, the book has gone into its fifth printing!

Thank you, readers, for all the amazing support for Griff and Pauline, and for Spindle Cove.… Read More »

Did you know this August is National Read-a-Romance month?   Check out the RARM website for daily posts from romance authors on the many reasons why “Romance Matters ” (Mine will be posted on August 29th!)  and fun giveaways.

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This Tuesday, I’ll be headed to Atlanta for the 2013 Romance Writers of America Annual Conference.  RWA Conference is always a highlight of my year, and I’m so excited to see old friends and make new ones.

If you are anywhere near Atlanta, please consider attending the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing.  Over 400 romance authors in one ballroom, signing books donated by publishers and authors – all proceeds go to literacy.  Since 1990, this event has raised more than $775,000!

The signing is open to the public. It will be held on Wednesday, July 17, 5:30-7:30 PM, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.  (From past experience, it pays to line up early!)  For more information and a complete list of authors, please see this link.

If you’re in the area, you’re also invited to join authoresses and friends of The Ballroom Blog on Thursday evening at 9PM, in the Pulse Bar (also inside the Marriott).  More info here.

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Thank you, readers, for all the wonderful support you’ve given Any Duchess Will Do.  Pauline and Griff’s story has now spent two weeks on the USA Today Bestsellers list, and I just got word today that the book is already going into a third printing. Wow!

I am just so touched by the enthusiasm readers have shown for the Spindle Cove series, and the way so many have welcomed the characters into their imaginations and hearts.

Several readers have written to ask me what’s next. It’s true that I’m now working on the first book in a brand new series for next year (and I’m sooo excited about it!).  However, for those who were wanting more Spindle Cove, don’t despair!  Even though Any Duchess was the last planned novel for the series, I feel pretty certain I’ll be revisiting Spindle Cove and/or the characters in some way, at some point.

Tomorrow, I fly out to Colorado for the Crested Butte Writers Conference – can’t wait! If you happen to be in Colorado and want to drop by, the Saturday afternoon events and signing are open to readers.

Thanks again, and I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.


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Hooray, it’s release day for Any Duchess Will Do!  I’m just so excited for Griff and Pauline’s story to be out in the world.  I hope readers enjoy getting to know these two just as much as I did.

If you want to chat about this book, there are several chances!  There will be a Twitter chat today (May 28th, 4pm ET/1pm PT), hashtag #dukeproblems; my GoodReads group has an ongoing discussion thread; and there will be a special “Ask Tessa Dare” event at GoodReads on June 10th.  I’ll be in the Chicago and Ohio areas in the next few weeks – details here.  And of course, please feel free to just email me, too!… Read More »

Thank you, readers, for making Beauty and the Blacksmith a USA Today bestseller in its first week!  I’m just thrilled and delighted by all the support you’ve given Spindle Cove.

Edited to add: For those who’ve been waiting on print, I’m happy to say the paperback edition of BATB is now available to pre-order!

It’s just two weeks now until the release of Any Duchess Will Do!  I’m so excited for this book. Griff and Pauline became one of my favorite couples to write.

The first week of June, I’ll be on tour in the Midwest (Chicago and Ohio), doing events with the amazing Eloisa James and Gayle Callen. Check the schedule here!

My brilliant web designer helped me make some fun little virtual buttons.  Check them out in the “extras” section!

Any Duchess Personals Ad

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It’s finally here!  At long last, Diana Highwood gets a romance of her own.  Beauty and the Blacksmith is available today in digital format.*   I hope readers will enjoy reading her happy ending as much as I loved writing it.

If you’d like to chat about the book with me and other Spindle Cove readers, please join us over at Goodreads for a reader party on the evening of Friday, May 3rd!  Details here.

Until then, I can only say (with a little help from the talented Sara Lindsey):

May the forge be with you

*If you’re waiting for the print edition, I have been promised that it will be available for order soon. Please keep checking back for more information.  Sorry for the delay!… Read More »