Lately, a fair number of people have asked me whether I plan to write stories for some of the peripheral characters in my debut trilogy. First, let me say that I love those questions! I love it that people want to read more about them.

Just in case anyone else out there is wondering the same thing, let me answer here on the blog. And I should probably add this to the FAQ, too.

Before A Lady of Persuasion came out, lots of people were asking whether I’d write a Joss book. I tried to reply with coy “we’ll see” comments. And even after reading A Lady of Persuasion, some of them are still asking for a Joss book! (If you haven’t yet read ALOP, the following is a spoiler. Highlight the empty space to read it.)

I loved writing Joss and really wanted to give him a happy ending. Because I only had three books on this contract, I didn’t know that I’d ever have a chance to write him a book of his own, so I wrote his romance with Hetta as a secondary romance, and I was really happy with how it turned out. But even so, a lot of readers seem to want more of them. I’m considering writing a novella. At the end of ALOP, they are on their way to marry…but they haven’t tied the knot yet! Who knows what could happen… *wink* However, I can’t even think about writing such a
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Hello, hope you all had a great weekend!

So, people have been asking about next year’s books, The Stud Club Trilogy. And I may as well start talking about them, since books one and two, One Dance with a Duke (5/25/10) and Twice Tempted by a Rogue (6/22/10), are now both available for pre-order! And because I’ve just recently received my lovely, sexy covers.


One Dance with a DukeTwice Tempted by a RogueThree Nights with a Scoundrel

What’s different about this series, compared to the first trilogy? Well, they’re a smidge darker in tone, as you’ll see from the series’ inciting event, but they still have a fair amount of lightness and humor. The characters are all a little older and experienced than they were in my first set.

But I’m sure the burning question is, “What the heck is the Stud Club? Are you joking?”

Well, I will admit. Like so many elements in my stories (hello, Werestag?), it did start as a joke. After writing a series that was largely heroine-driven, I wanted to switch emphasis to the guys this time. And one logical way to do that was to create my own take on a “Regency bachelor club” series. And if I was going to do that, I thought, why not call it what it is? A Stud Club. 🙂

But the Stud Club actually does have a meaning, and to explain, I will quote from the proposal I submitted for the trilogy:

In Regency England, horseracing was known as “The Sport of Kings,” the collective passion of

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Thank you to those of you who left me blogging suggestions yesterday!  How my writing process has evolved…great idea, will do.  Teasers for next trilogy…oh, most definitely! But today I will direct you toward Petit Fours and Hot Tamales, where I’m blogging with my two critique partners, Courtney Milan and Amy Baldwin.  We were invited to discuss our critique relationship, and how it has evolved over the past three years.  And of course, you’ll learn why the nickname for our group of three writers is “The Two Geniuses.”

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A Lady of Persuasion is in stores now!  At long last, all three books of the trilogy are released and available in bookstores everywhere. Thank you to all the readers who’ve made this a wonderful three months.   I’m hard at work on next year’s trilogy, which kicks off with One Dance with a Duke on May 25, 2010.  Get a sneak peek at the covers here!  Also, check out my new contest!… Read More »

(That’s a quote from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  Ah, Lumiere.)

Hooray!  Twice Tempted by a Rogue is turned in to my editor! (And not a moment too soon, since it has just shown up on the Random House site! Release date June 22, 2010.)

This means I have emerged from the Deadline Cave.  I am blinking at the bright rays of the sun, and slowly catching up with email, snail mail, grocery shopping, reading, sleeping, and the like.

I’ve posted a new contest for October and November.  In honor of Isabel Grayson, heroine of A Lady of Persuasion and indefatigable advocate of social justice, and in recognition of the fact that October is Fair Trade Month, I’m giving away gift certificates to GlobalExchange, a nifty online store that specializes in fair trade products.

So, now that all my books are released and I’ve met this deadline, I should theoretically have more time to blog, hm?  And I realize that my blog audience has changed a bit in the past few months, so I’m not sure what all to blog about.  This year’s books?  Next year’s books? What’s new with the darelings? My writing process? Does anyone out there have a burning question…?

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Thank you all for a great time yesterday!  Here are the winners, as chosen by

Copies of A Lady of Persuasion:

82 – Barbara Elness

12 – Trish D

60 – Cheryl

Goddess of the Hunt:

43 – Donna Stratton

Surrender of a Siren:

2 – Jane

Heart of Christmas:

83 – Scott Romanski

33 – Tammy D

Congratulations to all!  Remember, the prizes are all for you and a friend.  If you’re a winner, please use the contact form to send me your mailing address, plus the name and address of the friend you’d like me to send a copy to (don’t worry, I promise not to use that address for anything else).  It will probably be next week before I get them in the mail, due to my deadline crunch.

Speaking of writing and deadlines, today is the last day of the Unleash Your Story campaign to benefit cystic fibrosis research. I have been a total slacker about reporting my progress and soliciting donations, but I have made my 30K word goal and then some.  Hooray!  The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a great organization, and the money goes toward research and education as they work toward finding a cure for this genetic disease.  If you can find even $5 or $10 to spare, please click here to donate.  I’ll be making my own contribution today, too.  Thank you!… Read More »

A Lady of Persuasion is in stores today!  This is the final installment of the trilogy, and I’m so excited to send Toby and Bel’s romance out into the world.  RT Book Reviews named it a Top Pick, citing “wry wit, endearing characters, laugh-out-loud moments, sensual interludes and poignancy.”  Please do stop by my blog today for a release-day party with friends, old and new.  You could win autographed books for yourself and a friend!… Read More »

new-alop-coverA Lady of Persuasion is in stores today! This is the third and final installment in the trilogy that began with Goddess of the Hunt and continued in Surrender of a Siren.  It’s the story of Toby and Isabel’s romance, but it’s also a happy ending for an entire group of friends, both old and new.  And who better to celebrate that with than you–my friends, both old and new?

You see, when I started writing Goddess of the Hunt, I had this thought that it should feel a bit like the TV show Friends, only set in the Regency.  A group of…well, friends…who are at that time in their lives where they’re figuring out their futures and pairing off, who know each other well enough to throw around a lot of witty set-downs and the occasional incisive remark.  A group of people who genuinely care about one another, even though they’d sometimes rather not admit it.  And it was just so much fun, to write Henry, Toby, Felix, and Jeremy giving each other sh*t in the way guys do.

There are several sections of A Lady of Persuasion where the main characters from all three books are together–sometimes for pleasant reasons, and sometimes not.  Don’t get me wrong–I adored Toby and Bel as a couple, and their journey to love was a pure joy to write.  But those ensemble scenes were a unique pleasure, because I really believed each of the three (… Read More »

Assuming you don’t have other plans. 🙂

If you haven’t already read Goddess of the Hunt and Surrender of a Siren, this would be a good time to catch up. Because the third book of the trilogy, A Lady of Persuasion, hits shelves next Tuesday, September 29th! And you don’t want to be that one person who isn’t caught up and can’t dish immediately about all the yumminess that it is Sir Toby Aldridge, do you?

Trust me on this. You do not.

(Is it weird to say I adore Toby? Absolutely had the time of my life writing him. Thus far, he is the only one of my heroes to inspire a t-shirt. That alone has to say something, right?)

However, chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’ve already read Goddess and Siren, and therefore need something else to tide you over. A novella might be just the thing! And I know it’s not even October, but it’s never too early to be getting into the Christmas spirit, is it? (Just go with me here.)

Heart of ChristmasMy absolutely brilliant friend and critique partner, Courtney Milan, has her print debut novella coming out in an anthology. The Heart of Christmas has an official release date of October 1st, but copies have been found in stores all over and are already flying off the shelves. Courtney’s novella, “This Wicked Gift” is touching, funny, sexy, and smart. You don’t want to miss it. So buy your copy now, … Read More »

In more ways than one!

It’s just two weeks until the release of book three in my trilogy, A Lady of Persuasion. I’m so, so excited for readers to gets their hands on Toby and Bel’s romance. In some ways, it’s more than just their story–it’s a happy ending for their entire circle of friends, both old and new. On release day, September 29th, I’ll be inviting all of my friends (yes, this means you!) to join me right here for a big release-day party, with lots of fun and prizes.

The other countdown is the dwindling number of days until my deadline for turning in book two of the 2010 trilogy. The days are few, and my unfinished scenes are many. As a result, I’m getting very behind on the blogging and email, and I apologize…

I had a wonderful (and busy) weekend with my RWA chapter events. My own presentation seemed to go well–at least, I didn’t run over time! And Linda Howard was an inspiration and a joy.

Hey, it’s never too late for a few more glowing reviews of Goddess of the Hunt:
The Romance Reader gives it 5 hearts!
Night Owl Romance names it a Reviewer Top Pick!

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