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Today marks the release of my 25th historical romance, The Wallflower Wager! I’m so grateful to all the readers who have read my books, recommended them to friends, and encouraged me with kind words over the years. I hope you will embrace Penny and Gabe’s story just as warmly.

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Enjoy a bonus scene, originally published in the Target special edition of the paperback! This scene is Chase and Alexandra’s first meeting in the bookshop, only from Chase’s point of view. More »

This book has lots of animals in it. None of them die. 


Potentially distressing elements include:

  • Heroine with a history of child sexual abuse (discussed and remembered, but does not happen on the page)
  • Heroine confronts her abuser (happens on the page)
  • Hero with a history of abandonment and extreme poverty in childhood (mentioned)
  • A duel is planned, but no shots are fired.
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These content advisories are offered for readers who want or need to avoid distressing content. Examples include physical or sexual assault, domestic violence, pregnancy loss, character death, PTSD, child abuse, and other kinds of trauma.

Content advisories may be spoilers. 

General notes: To varying degrees, all of my books include descriptive sexual content, drinking, and profanity. The occasional punch is thrown. Weapons are brandished. Attempted robberies and minor carriage accidents are not uncommon.

(This is a new feature to the site as of August 2019. I intend to update it with new books going forward, and plan to eventually add older books. The lack of a content advisory for any given title does not mean it has no difficult content—it means I haven’t gotten to it yet. I can’t promise that I’ve listed every possible trigger, but I’m making my best effort. If I’ve missed something, please let me know via my contact form.)


Content Advisories

The Wallflower Wager (Girl Meets Duke, book 3)

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Enjoy this preview of Chapter One of The Wallflower Wager!

Over her years of caring for unwanted animals, Lady Penelope Campion had learned a few things.

Dogs barked; rabbits hopped.

Hedgehogs curled up into pincushions.

Cats plopped in the middle of the drawing room carpet and licked themselves in indelicate places.

Confused parrots flew out open windows and settled on ledges just out of reach. And Penny leaned over window sashes in her nightdress to rescue them—even if it meant risking her own neck.

She couldn’t change her nature, any more than the lost, lonely, wounded, and abandoned creatures filling her house could change theirs.

Penny gripped the window casing with one hand and waved a treat with her other. “Come now, sweeting. This way. I’ve a biscuit for you.”

Delilah cocked her plumed head and regarded the treat. But she didn’t budge.

Penny sighed. She had no one to blame but herself, really. She’d forgotten to cover the birdcage completely at sundown, and she’d left a candle burning far too late while she finished a delicious novel. However, she’d never dreamed Delilah could be clever enough to reach between the bars with one talon and unlatch the little door.

Once the parrot had escaped her cage, out the window she flew.

Penny pursed her lips and whistled. “See, darling? It’s a lovely biscuit, isn’t it? A gingersnap.”

“Pretty girl,” the parrot chirruped.

“Yes, dear. What a pretty, pretty girl you are.”

Delilah made a tentative shuffle sideways. At last,

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Ten years ago, Nicola and the duke wanted nothing to do with each other…

and that’s exactly why they got engaged.

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