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New (to me) foreign editions!
July 9th, 2024

I absolutely love receiving copies of my foreign translations. They arrive in batches every so often, and I fawn over them and pet them, and inevitably hold them at arm’s length, squint, and say to myself, “Okay now, which book is this? In what language?”

Some are in languages I can read a little (Thanks, high school French class!), and others I can guess easily enough by flipping through the pages for characters’ names or checking the copyright info for a place of publication. Sometimes it’s a challenge!

I thought it would be fun to show off a few of my more recent arrivals and let you guess. Answers are at the bottom of the post.

Six paperback books nicely arranged on a pale blue desk, numbered one to six. Number one features an old-school clinch in which a man with a dark mullet holds a young woman in lavender, on a portico with a vista of open countryside in the distance. The title is: Innamorarsi di un duca. Number two: a dark-haired woman in dark blue satin is facing the reader with a breathless expression, and a man behind her is nuzzling her ear. The title is Syv Syndige Naetter. Number three: The cover features an auburn-haired lady in a poufy light-orange gown, facing away from the camera. She’s surrounded by gardens and pretty trees. The title is in a different alphabet, and I don’t know how to place it in alt text! The publisher is Elexis, if that helps. Number four: A dark-haired Regency lady with bright blue eyes peers coyly from behind a half-closed door. The title text is “A Hercegne Alkuja”. Number five: A Regency lady dressed in a deep purple gown with white gloves, laying one hand gently on a gentleman’s arm. The title text is “Kvinnorna pa Bloom Square Alexandras Utmaning”. Number six: A very windswept old-school barechested clinch featuring a dark-haired, musclebound man and a brunette young lady with a lavender dress falling off. The title text reads: “I de beste hender”


Ready for the answers?